Optivus Solutions Group


Supply Chain Analytics

Contract Maximization - This service will help you gain knowledge of what you are purchasing outside of a contract, and what that might be costing you as an organization.  We will also help you evaluate your GPO contracts against your locally negotiated ones to make sure you are not leaving money on the table.

Analytics Solutions Adoption - Organizations purchase many tools to help them understand the market.  We can help your organization best utilize the tools available to them and help you maximize your return on those tools.


Organizational Efficiency

Operational Effectiveness - How often are you at you at your desk during a day?  If you are like many organizations, you spend more time in meetings where nothing gets accomplished than at your desk working.

Value Stream mapping - Regardless of the type or complexity of your processes, our Process Improvement expert can help you map them out to look for inefficencies in your service offerings.