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Supply Chain Analytics

If you are reading this article, you are likely aware that supply costs are second only to salary costs in any health care organization.  Increasing the effectiveness of your Supply Chain directly impacts your bottom line.  As a result, your Supply Chain Division likely has many tools at their disposal to help them achieve their cost savings goals.  For example, they most likely check pricing through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to make sure you pay the price you have loaded in your system.  This method helps identify discrepancies between your purchase orders and invoices, but how do you ensure the price you have loaded is the best price available to you?  In other words, are you certain you are on the correct pricing tier on your Group Purchasing contracts?  In addition, what checks do you have in place to make sure the pricing on your local agreements is your best option? Money might be flowing out of your system every day without you knowing it.  We can identify those leaks and help you plug them. 

Supply chain workflow

We do this every day for our clients through our contract maximization strategy.  We can provide market share analyses to help you understand where you are standardized and which product categories are fragmented.  We also offer solutions by incorporating the price benchmarking of solution sets to which you already subscribe, detailed contract analyses, and defining other strategies to achieve cost savings.  In addition to making sure you are paying the lowest price available to you, we can help you identify high spend items which are being purchased off contract.  This will help you identify strategies to incorporate them into your contracts.  Our maximization strategies will identify your leaks and offer solutions to help maximize your savings potential.    

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