Optivus Solutions Group



We started Optivus Solutions Group because we have seen pockets of success in many organizations, but often the organization as a whole was not thriving like it should be.  They are hindered by barriers, but because of each individual's workload, solutions are rarely developed, resulting in frustrated employees and concerned leaders.  A primary goal of each organization should be continual improvement. That is where we come in.  Optivus Solutions Group is made up of a team of experts that will work with your organization to eliminate those barriers, develop processes allowing you the tools to enhance your current environment, and leverage existing resources to maximize your return on investment. 

Our experts are graduate trained professionals with a track record of challenging the status quo, not for the sake of conflict, but simply to provoke innovation and the desire to always improve.  The vast majority of our foundation resides in health care, but our mission is to partner with any organization which truly desires transformational change.  Whether it's creating operational efficiencies, supply chain analytics, or value analysis, given the opportunity we will partner with you to exceed your goals and expectations.