Optivus Solutions Group


Optivus Solutions Group is a team of experts that will work with your organization to streamline processes, create efficiencies, and leverage your current resources  to maximize your ROI. Even some of the best organizations could use a boost. We can help!


We offer consulting services to maximize the efficiency of your operations.  We are certain we can help.  In fact, return on your investment is our guarantee to you.

Our Guarantee

How can we so confidently guarantee you will profit from working with us? Our business model dictates that we only get paid if we successfully save you money. It's that simple!

We are here to help you meet your goals by partnering with you to solve the problems costing you money.  We will help you increase your bottom line through streamlining processes, driving efficiency, and optimizing resources.  Our clients absolutely regard us as true partners who benefit from each other's success.

T.J. Mitchell ,CEO